Our Mother

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    10 years ago

    You know, I have known friends (women) whose family or others have used the weakness of Eve to condemn them to a kind of second class. But I observe that this is really, fundamentally, a Protestant phenomenon, even when non-Protestants do it – because Protestants don’t know or acknowledge the Theotokos. But she has already become saint of all saints, the first of us, our leader and example, and the redemption of the frailty of Eve, and all we by the flesh of her womb, which we share, if we share it. Just as all men (including women) must guard against the frailty of the first Adam, and cling to the might of the new, so all men and women (all of us) must guard against the frailty of the first Eve, and cling to the ever-blessedness, all-blamelessness, and most-purity of the new Eve, from whom we know God in the flesh, Emmanuel, this Nativity. By our Champion Leader, the Mother of our God, be at peace.

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