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Nearly 8 years ago

Two relationships entwined

“He cannot have God for his Father who has no the Church for his mother.” – St. Cyprian of Carthage

Nearly 9 years ago

Vespers Stichera, Annunciation

Gabriel came and stood before you, O Virgin. Revealing God’s eternal plan he greeted you: “Hail, O earth that has not been sown! Hail,

Nearly 9 years ago

Fulfill Our Intention

Magnify, O my soul, her who is more honorable and more glorious than the armies on high. It would be easier for us to

Nearly 9 years ago

Our Mother

Rejoice O Jerusalem. Keep the feast all ye who love Sion. Today, the ancient bonds of Adam’s condemnation hath been loosed. Paradise hath been

Nearly 9 years ago

9th Ode of the 2nd Canon of Christ's Nativity

Magnify, O my soul, her who is more honorable and more exalted in glory than the heavenly hosts. I behold a strange and wonderful

Nearly 9 years ago

The Gospel Summarized in the Anaphora

With these blessed powers, O Master and Lover of Mankind, we sinners also cry out and say: “Holy are You, truly all-holy!” There is

Nearly 9 years ago

The Churching of the World

“the churching of the World” – Anestis Keselopoulos, Man and the Environment

Nearly 9 years ago

Theological Episteme

“Theological language uses episteme, but cannot reduce itself to it without falling yet again from this world.” – Vladimir Lossky

Nearly 9 years ago

The Illusion of Concepts

“Yet theological thought can also become a hindrance, and one must avoid indulging in it, abandoning oneself to the feverish illusion of concepts.” –

Nearly 9 years ago

The East

“God planted the garden in Eden, in the East.” – St. Symeon the New Theologian

Nearly 9 years ago

God Without Opposite

“God as being, existence itself and goodness itself and wisdom itself – or to speak more truly, above all these – has altogether no

Nearly 9 years ago

Idle Words

“Since an ‘idle word’ is not just one which is unprofitable, but equally one which is spoken or written ‘before we practice it and

Nearly 9 years ago

Material Autonomy

“The oppressive and tyrranical control which man feels from material goods is due to the effort he makes, whether consciously or unconsciously, to make

Nearly 9 years ago

Iconography and Ecology

(of ikons): “The fact that man, as the crown of creation, is always put in the foreground while the rest of creation is arranged

Nearly 9 years ago


“St. Symeon notes man’s tendency to tyrranize his social and his natural environment.” – Anestis Keselopoulos, Man and the Environment