Dictionary: Godparents, Nounos, Affinity

From: A Dictionary of

Orthodox Terminology

Fotios K. Litsas, Ph.D.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese web site

Affinity. (Gr. Syngeneia). The spiritual relationship existing between an individual and his spouse’s relatives, or most especially between godparents and godchildren. The Orthodox Church considers affinity an impediment to marriage. 

Baptismal Garments. (Gr. Fotikia or baptisika; Sl. krizhma). The garments brought by the godparent to dress the infant immediately after the immersion in Baptism. In Orthodoxy, these garments are considered sacred and must be either kept safely or destroyed by fire.

God-parents.   (Godfather, Gr. Nounos; Godmother, Gr. Nouna).Sponsors at Baptism and Chrismation taking the responsibility for the faith and spiritual development of the newly-born Christian. The Orthodox people highly regard the spiritual bond and relationship between godparents and their godchildren, and marriage between them is prohibited. (see affinity). 

Nounos. (see godparents).

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