For our Creator incomparably presides over His creation from afar and
makes certain things exist but not live, and others exist and live but
not avail to discern anything about life, but others to exist, live and
discern. And the One makes all but is not divided in all. For He is
truly the Highest and never unlike Himself. But the soul, although she
is never diverse by nature, yet is diverse through thought. For in that
momentary beat in which she thinks about sight she forgets to think
about hearing, and in that in which she reflects on hearing or taste she
does not avail to ponder smell or touch, because she always becomes
unlike herself through cocentration and oblivion so that she holds now
this, now that in her thoughts. But Almighty God, because He is not
unlike Himself, sees with the virtue with which He hears all things and
creates with the virtue with which He judges creation. His attribute is
to see all things at the same time as He admininsters them, and to
administer as He perceives.

–The Homilies of Saint Gregory the Great On the Book of the Prophet

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