Reedeem [the] time, for the days are evil.

Gregorian Calendars

  • This one is extremely useful. The bright week seems to have turned into a bright month w. the Antiochians, therefore refer to your Bishop’s own jurisdiction.
  • This one is less populated.
  • This one includes more information.
  • This one is for purchase.
  • This one shows wine days, which many don’t.

Julian Calendars

Old vs. New Calendar

I don’t provide information here about the novel (New) Calendar vs. the traditional Orthodox Calendar. I pray in a New Calendar parish, though like all New Calendar Churches, it wasn’t always that. I would welcome a return to the Traditional Calendar. I will say that, if you’re reading that the crux of the issue is 13-days, you’re reading inaccurate propaganda, by any standard. Even if there weren’t significant pastoral issues, issues of piety, and so on, the issue is symbolic of much deeper concerns. So, if I was going to say anything, it would be about those, and the calendar would merely be a point of departure. This is not the venue for it.

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