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Nearly 9 years ago

A Prayer for Shelter

Hold me, Lord, in the palm of Thine hand. Thou who dost surround the righteous with angels, surround me with Thyself. Thou art greater

Nearly 10 years ago

The Battle of Hours

I’m fascinated by how no matter how something is phrased, it can be right there in front of you, simple and plain as day,

Nearly 10 years ago

Responding to Accusations

When accused of a general failing – pride, foolishness, laziness, always agree. Be the first to admit it. You needn’t go out of your

Nearly 10 years ago

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Blogger

Update on Haiti: Don’t be discouraged by the reports of overwhelming aid, and too much of one thing at one time. The aid is

Nearly 10 years ago

What Judgment Feels Like

God struck me. Image via Wikipedia I committed a moral crime. One that many would excuse me for, but which I believe is serious.

Nearly 10 years ago

The World and Death

Sometimes the world seems to leave you no option but to ‘spill everyone’s blood’, so to speak, no room for peace at all, because

Nearly 11 years ago

Grasping at Nothing

I’ve never felt so profoundly and helplessly Orthodox as when I’ve thrown religion over my shoulder. For the pain of it, for the weakness

Nearly 11 years ago

I am Not Alone

Have you ever realized that you have received miraculous wealth? An amazingly complex chain of seemingly impossible events has begun to give you your

Nearly 12 years ago

Transvaluation of Ethics

It astonishes me – the casualness, the callousness, the stupid matter-of-factness with which people can discuss euthanasia. People discuss putting their family members to

Nearly 12 years ago

Adjectives as Idols

Orthodox thinking doesn’t pair adjectives with the word “God”. As I watch a spokesman for a group of fundamentalists talk about how “God is

Nearly 12 years ago

I guess I'm a ethikotrogo-flexitarian

I was on the verge of coining a neologism: ethikotroge (or ethikotrogonist) when I discovered that I’m a flexitarian. I still might keep the

Nearly 12 years ago

The Heresy of the Supermarket

The TV news programs are drumming up the seige mentality again, for the nation of gluttony, over the growing starvation with which it has

Nearly 12 years ago

Make the Valleys Smoke

What they’re doing to the Mormons is a national crime. It’s wrong. It’s done in all our names, and we’re all guilty. Texas may

Nearly 12 years ago

Fear of Judgment is Wisdom's Beginning

You know, in America, we’re all born into a culture of “once saved, always saved”. A Protestant-evangelical culture so strongly influenced by this tenet

Nearly 12 years ago

Whitewashed Faith

It’s an amazing thing. I live near two Orthodox mega-churches. They’re even on the same side of town as the other mega-churches. And they