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Nearly 8 years ago

Fasting is the Natural Order

When other animals get sick, the first thing they do is stop eating – they fast, in other words. Fasting is an acknowledgement that,

Nearly 12 years ago

Fasting & Sickness

“Do not abandon a fast in time of sickness, for lo, those who do not fast fall into the same sicknesses.” – St Syncletica

Nearly 12 years ago

Labours of Virtue

The wages for the labors of virtue are detachment and knowledge. These become our friends and advocates in the kingdom of heaven, just as

Nearly 12 years ago

Normality and Fasting

“…fasting–the refusal to accept the desires and urges of our fallen nature as normal, the effort to free ourselves from the dictatorship of flesh

Nearly 12 years ago

The Rule of Fasting and Eating are the same Rule

“It is not suited to everyone to follow a severe rule of abstinence from everything, or to deprive himself of everything which can serve

Nearly 12 years ago

Fasting and Alms

A brother said to an old man: “There are two brothers. One of them stays in his cell quietly, fasting for six days at

Nearly 12 years ago

A Fast for All Meals

“I shall speak first about control of the stomach, the opposite to gluttony, and about how to fast and what and how much to

Nearly 12 years ago

Gearing up, for Battle

“Let us set out with joy upon the season of the Fast, and prepare ourselves for spiritual combat. Let us purify our souls and

Nearly 12 years ago

Excess: Results for Body & Soul

“For in our bodies too all distempers arise from excess; and when the elements thereof leave their proper limits, and go on beyond moderation,

Nearly 12 years ago


“He who does not fast, does not really believe in God.” – St. Seraphim