Fasting is the Natural Order

ImageWhen other animals get sick, the first thing they do is stop eating – they fast, in other words. Fasting is an acknowledgement that, as all the Fathers have taught us, we are fundamentally sick with the disease of Death. Not to fast is to deny the most basic truth of our Faith, that we have become separated from God, and is to deny the example of God himself, who became man to unite us to himself, and who likewise fasted and still does fast. As St. Seraphim says, he who does not fast does not really believe in God. Certainly, he does not believe in the “god” we mean when we say that word.

Fasting & Sickness

“Do not abandon a fast in time of sickness, for lo, those who do not fast fall into the same sicknesses.” – St Syncletica

Labours of Virtue

The wages for the labors of virtue are detachment and knowledge. These
become our friends and advocates in the kingdom of heaven, just as the
passions and ignorance are the advocates for eternal punishment. He then
who seeks the former for the sake of reputation among men and not for
the good in it, will hear from Scripture: ‘You ask and you receive not,
because you ask amiss.’ (Jas. 4:3).

St. Maximus the Confessor, The Ascetic Life and Four Centuries on