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Nearly 10 years ago

Loving Enemies Means Having No Enemies

In the teaching of St. Silouan and Elder Sophrony, people are not classified as enemies and friends, bad and good, but people who have

Nearly 11 years ago

Allow yourself to be Harmed

“Let yourself be persecuted but do not persecute others; be crucified but do not crucify others; be insulted but do not insult others; be

Nearly 11 years ago

When Insults Annoy You

Amma Dionysia gave alms to a beggar, but less than he wanted. The beggar began to speak harshly to her, and Dionysia took offense,

Nearly 12 years ago

How States Conceal Crimes

The world is drenched with mutual bloodshed. When individuals slay a man, it is a crime. When killing takes place on behalf of the

Nearly 12 years ago

Many things to Ponder

You have many things to ponder. Ponder paradise, where Cain, who destroyed his brother through jealousy, does not return. Ponder the kingdom of heaven

Nearly 12 years ago

The Prime Characteristic

“Nothing is so characteristically Christian as being a peacemaker.”– St Basil the Great, Letter 114

Nearly 12 years ago

More permissable to be killed than to kill.

“We started yesterday and already we have filled the world and everything that belongs to you — the cities, apartment houses, fortresses,

Nearly 12 years ago

Take no Life, for any cause

“Above all things: forget not the poor, but support them to the extent of your means. Give to the orphan, protect the widow, and

Nearly 12 years ago

Aggression vs. Peacemaking

“If we live as people of God, there will be room for all nations in the Balkans and in the world. If we liken