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Nearly 12 years ago


“All excesses are products of the devil.” – a desert father

Nearly 12 years ago

Draw Near with a Pure Heart

A person can be raised up above the earth by two wings, one is simplicity and the other is purity of heart. You must

Nearly 12 years ago

Faith vs. Conceit

Hold faith and humility fast within you; for through them you will find mercy, help, and words spoken by God in the heart, along

Nearly 12 years ago

Without Guile

Let all of us who wish to attract the Lord to ourselves draw near to Him as disciples to the Master, simply, without hypocrisy,

Nearly 12 years ago

Avoid Subtle and Intricate Speculations

Walk before God in simplicity, and not in subtleties of the mind. Simplicity brings faith; but subtle and intricate speculations bring conceit; and conceit