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Nearly 11 years ago

What Carries Over

“Don’t be distressed if you have inherited faults, and don’t boast if you have inherited virtues, because God will examine the efforts people have

Nearly 12 years ago

Blasphemy, Cruelty, Hypocrisy

Presumption and boastfulness are causes of blasphemy. Avarice and self-esteem are causes of cruelty and hypocrisy. — Saint Kosmas Aitolos

Nearly 12 years ago

Covetousness stands with the Goats

If a man does not keep himself from covetousness, he shall be defiled by idolatry, and shall be judged as one of the heathen.

Nearly 12 years ago

It has destroyed me. It has upheld me.

No Christian believing rightly in God should ever be off his guard. He should always be on the look-out for temptation, so that when

Nearly 12 years ago

Contemplating One's Own Navel

Batiushka said regarding condemnation and criticism of other’s faults and sins: “You need to pay such close attention to your own internal life, that

Nearly 12 years ago

The One Ring that Rules them All

The desire for possessions is dangerous and terrible, knowing no satiety; it drives the soul which it controls to the heights of evil. Therefore,

Nearly 12 years ago

Self Esteem is a Passion

The passion of self-esteem is a three-pronged barb heated and forged by the demons out of vanity, presumption and arrogance. Yet those who dwell

Nearly 12 years ago

Lent, Poverty, and Alms

Money! Money! Power! Honor! These are the temptations which, unfortunately, many people are unable to resist. This is the source of all the disputes,

Nearly 12 years ago

The Wall

Let us too imitate these men , building a wall around our life with the habit of prayer and

Nearly 12 years ago

A List of the Passions

by St. Peter of Damaskos The passions are: harshness, trickery, malice, perversity, mindlessness, licentiousness, enticement, dullness, lack of understanding, idleness, sluggishness, stupidity, flattery, silliness,

Nearly 12 years ago

Waging war against the passions

by St. Nikodemus the Hagiorite and St. Theophan the Recluse If you want to gain a speedy and easy victory over your enemies, brother,

Nearly 12 years ago

Remembrance of wrongs

Remembrance of wrongs comes as the final point of anger. It is a keeper of sins. It hates a just way of life. It

Nearly 12 years ago

The Bloodless Mode

“Forget about all your weaknesses so that the adverse spirit does not realize what is going on and grab you and pin you down

Nearly 12 years ago

True Escape

“True escape from the world is for a person to know how to control his tongue, wherever he might be.” – Abba Tithoes

Nearly 12 years ago

How passions are exterminated

“The passions are exterminated by sorrow and suffering, either voluntary or sent by Providence.” – St. Seraphim of Sarov