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Nearly 8 years ago

The Path

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. – Oscar Wilde

Nearly 9 years ago

One Faith

“There are three things I cannot take in: nondogmatic faith, nonecclesiological Christianity and nonascetic Christianity. These three – the church, dogma, and asceticism –

Nearly 12 years ago

The Intellect is not self-contained

It is my opinion that our intellect does not have a natural power to be moved to the divine vision of Divinity. And in

Nearly 12 years ago


“The doctrine of beatific vision, borrowed by St. Augustine from the Neo–Platonists, whereby man’s destiny is to become completely happy in the possession of

Nearly 12 years ago

Just a bit farther

“Only struggle a little bit more. Carry your crosses without complaining; Don’t think you’re anything special, don’t justify your sins and weaknesses, but see

Nearly 12 years ago

Living Sermons on the Mount

“The most interesting thing about Christianity is the ascetics, because they make all of Christ’s talk about the Kingdom of God make sense.” (From

Nearly 12 years ago

Patristics is Asceticism

“The patrisitic tradition is neither a social philosphy nor an ethical system, nor is it religious dogmatism: it is a therapeutic treatment… The spiritual

Nearly 12 years ago

Runway Lights in the Desert

“Angels are the light of monks, and monks are the light of men.” Comment: Orthodoxy is not actually a belief system; it’s more closely