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Nearly 10 years ago

Frail Shadows of Elusive Dreams

What earthly joy remains untouched by grief? What glory stands forever on the earth? Frail shadows of elusive dreams which death will one day

Nearly 12 years ago

Acknowledging Failure

“If we can’t struggle much, or even not at all, at least let us humbly recognize this and ask for God’s mercy. If this

Nearly 12 years ago

Looking to the Champions

The best medicine in every trial of ours is the greater trials suffered by our fellow men, if only we can call them to

Nearly 12 years ago

Fascination for things binds one to anger

He who is not indifferent to fame and pleasure, as well as to love of riches that exists because of them and increases them,

Nearly 12 years ago

Attachment to small things

As earth thrown over it extinguishes a fire burning in a stove, so worldly cares and every kind of attachment to something, however small

Nearly 12 years ago

With what to adorn the Intellect

…adorn your thinking power with a constant attention to God, prayer and knowledge of divine truths; the desiring power – with total self-denial and

Nearly 12 years ago

The Joy of Ownership

He who has tasted the things on high easily despises what is below. But he who has not tasted the things above finds joy

Nearly 12 years ago

Trying to Catch the Wind

Do not dare to raise your weak hand to stop the elemental tide of apostasy. Avoid it, protect yourself from it, and that is

Nearly 12 years ago

The Tide

Truly never before has the cross of each person who wants to be a true Christian been as heavy as in this time of

Nearly 12 years ago

The Soft Wax of the World

The mind of the righteous man, then, must not be like wax or some other soft material, which always gets its form and shape

Nearly 12 years ago

Makeup Work

Do not deceive yourself, foolish worker, as if one time can make up for another. For the day is not sufficient to repay in

Nearly 12 years ago

Associations & the Beautiful People

If you ever wish to associate with someone, make sure that you do not give your attention to those who enjoy health and wealth

Nearly 12 years ago

Sorrows and Usefulness

The soul untried by sorrows is good for nothing. – St. Theophan the Recluse

Nearly 12 years ago

Peace and Renunication

Live as though you are not of this world, and you will have peace. – St. Anthony

Nearly 12 years ago

Death is coming

The hour of death will come, it will come, and we shall not escape it. – St. Hesychius of Jerusalem