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Nearly 12 years ago

Godparents: Defined

Godparents are adults who sponsor a child at the time of his/her baptism. They take on the responsibility of helping the child’s parents raise

Nearly 12 years ago

Godparents: origins

“The practice of godparents, witnesses or sponsors of a person who is to be baptized, and who are to instruct the person in the

Nearly 12 years ago

Godparents and Martyrs

“The use of sponsors in Baptism dates back to the days when Christians were persecuted by the Roman Emperor Nero. Parents were often massacred

Nearly 12 years ago

What is Affinity?

Affinity: (Gr. Syngeneia). The spiritual relationship existing between an individual and his spouse’s relatives, or most especially between godparents and godchildren. The Orthodox Church

Nearly 12 years ago

Godparent: Loving Your Children from God

The Responsibility of the Godparent Sub-deacon Thomas Wilson has compiled from the OCA web site and Fr. Timothy Sawchak some areas of responsibility for

Nearly 12 years ago

Orthopraxis: Honoring your Nounos or Nouna

The Responsibility of the Godchild by Sub-deacon Thomas Wilson Godparent and Godchild should develop a close and loving relationship. As with any relationship, this