The Apocalypse

The Final JudgmentIt is my thinking that the US represents the global political system of the apocalypse, with its tendrils or heads as Israel, Turkey, the UK, and the states of Western Europe, and having a body of lesser heads, including its client states. I also think that a globally united Christianity will be made of Orthodox Churches, Rome, and Protestant groups, and that this new entity will be an apostasy, and will seek then, having united ‘all Christians’, to unite all Faiths in some fashion, in a kind of temple of all Faith, though we can scarcely conceive of such a practical possibility now. I think, finally, that a new global economic system will be proposed and followed, as the savior of the global market. I think these things will combine into a kind of new babel, as a unified effort of man. I think these things are preceded by terrible natural disasters, which I think in the classic pattern of judgment includes climate change as a result of man’s sinful behavior, and a campaign of perpetual warfare. I think they will be succeeded by the apocalypse. I think they are preceded by a time of anti-apocalyptic thinking, a general optimism even in the midst of pessimism, and an oblivious response to ‘authority’ and ‘the way things are’, an abdication of moral concern. I think they will be succeeded by a persecution of the ‘uncanonical’ – of those who do not go along – who will be betrayed by their own Orthodox brothers, and by the making of many new martyrs and confessors, and unparalleled destruction, and the wine press of the wrath of God upon the earth.

This is what I think, and sometimes one just wants to say what one thinks, however much people will point and say ‘kook’, ‘nut’, ‘conspiracy theorist’, fanatic. They said these things of old, of the very prophets who spoke of such events, and they said them before the world was destroyed the first time. They would say them again, without thinking about it, so what do the words of such people matter?

This is not a popular thing for an Orthodox Christian to think. Even among evangelical Protestants, typically obsessed with the “last days”, there seems to be a collective fatigue concerning their own semi-occult eschatology.

The Apocalypse is sealed, and we do not read it aloud in the Churches, for that reason. When the seal is broken, then the book will be read, and its full meanings revealed. But for now, it is enough to look at the words of Christ, and of St. Paul, who alike warned us what is coming. And kook or not, I think we are approaching a very dangerous time in which to live, to bear children, or to forget God.

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